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About Us

20 Years of Experience

About GreenPro

Introducing Greenpro Commercial Ghana Limited; a company of superior service and impeccable quality. “Environmentally Safe and Professionally Clean” is the mark of our service. It is a result of 20 plus years of experience and customer care that sets our company apart. We have invested in training and research to identify the best inputs and equipment that the industry has to offer to make your environment big or small, as clean as it can be.

GreenPro Commercial cares about the environment in your home, your place of work and everywhere in between. With our Environmental Health Safety(EHS) program, we make certain that, the chemicals and methods we use meet all the health and safety standards and are safe for the environment. With 20 years’ experience in cleaning and building maintenance, our proven Environmentally Safe and Professionally Clean (ESPC) System lays out what our cleaning associates will do on each clean. Our clients know exactly what to expect. With regular inspections and field supervision, we assure the highest quality cleaning for all our clients. Our personnel are well trained and insured.

Our Team
We provide high quality cleaning services with express delivery. Our company uses the latest tools and
technology with premium quality products to provide superior services. We have a quality team who
can ensure your satisfaction always.

James Mohenu

CEO & Founder

Emelia Wendy Osekre

General Manageress

Maclean Mensah

Head of Operations
Our History
Greenpro Commercial Ghana has gone through different phases in the cleaning business. It started with a transition
from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset. With two decades of experience, we have a proven track record
of being a dynamic company that adjusts to the changing trends in the cleaning industry.

Years Past

When it began

Several years ago, a brilliant and intelligent young man seeking both to further his studies and greener pastures had to undertake cleaning jobs in the United Kingdom (London). It was while doing these jobs that the idea to start his own company and replicate all the experience acquired where brought to light. In pursuit of his vision, CleanHouse Services Limited was established back in London with a few personnel.



After some time that young man Mr. James Mohenu, came back to Ghana to start GreenPro Commercial Ghana Limited. Working with family and friends to help stabilize and grow their businesses for sometime, he officially established and registered his own company in 2013.


GreenPro Commercial Ghana Limited

GreenPro Commercial Ghana Limited has since then grown to the point where we are in three regions of Ghana namely;
Greater Accra Region, Western Region (Takoradi) and Ashanti Region (Kumasi).

Our Clients
Our struggle and dedication makes us successful but our partners
makes it easier than we thought.